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Sylvia Abovestage

"... There's never really been a guitarist quite like her, not only in Hollywood, but anywhere. Watching here wrangle notes out of her guitar ... can be quite the transcendent experience. Rock lives, and you know what? It's LOUD. "

- L.A. Weekly

"... She can make her guitar sing, speak, laugh, cry, and beg for mercy."

- Music Connection

"Wielding her axe in a fashion sure to put to rest the old myths of cock-rock posturing, Juncosa splatters fat, grimy chords all over the wall and flings grungy solos around the room. The band, a three-piece including Sylvia, rampages in a classic hard rock mold, drawing from acid rock, punk, heavy metal and less-definable idiosyncratic heroes from Neil Young's Crazy Horse to perhaps the Minutemen."

- Option Magazine

"Twisting turning way way-out guitar explorations and hard rock madness. Surf metal with thoughtful lyrics featuring sex/string SWA goddess Sylvia Juncosa."

- L.A. Weekly

"It plows forward like a big ball o' sand catchin' unsuspectin' beach-lyin' psychesters underfoot and then it melts like a penny in Neptune's mouth."

- Forced Exposure Magazine

And Other People Said ...

"But ... Sylvia doesn't play the guitar!"

- Sylvia's mother, puzzled, upon being told by her neighbor she saw the name in the newspaper

"Is this actually a song, or is it just something you're going through right now?"

- Tyra, bass player, at rehearsal, when Sylvia was first showing them "Eddie"

"Cannabis + Juncosa just has to be righteous."

- From the Comments & Responses to a blog


- Extraordinarily long high-pitched scream of ecstacy emitted by an audience member during concert.
This showed up on a tape and we re-played it many times to be sure it really was a human voice

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